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Athletic Field and Recreational Turf Applications

The athletic field industry has gone through many changes over the years due to many evolutions in the making of artificial turf. The arguments and studies have shown natural grass athletic fields are initially less expensive but require watering, cutting, seeding and in some cases a full time maintenance attendant to not only care for the field but keep out birds from eating the seed and people from damaging new grown grass. Natural grass applications require no ball playing for many months out of the year for proper growth and this occurs every year after a season of sports is played. The synthetic turf that we provide has the newest components and technologies, which allow top performance play all year round and in any climate.

The original artificial turf applications were used indoors as well as outdoors and required a drainage design much different to natural grass fields. This surface was practical, long lasting and fine to look at but did not allow the players to perform natural pivotal movements characteristically found with natural grass. Many athletes have found themselves over compensating thus in some cases injuring their bodies. This artificial turf, during the heat of the summer, could broadcast temperatures high in the 100's, which exhausted the athletes and created early fatigue.

Our contracting for golf course construction and athletic fields allows us to bring our customers exactly what they want. We are not synthetic turf manufacturers but "contractors" hired by you "the customer". We don't show preference by offering synthetic turf over natural grass applications but what we will show preference by leading the customer to the #1 products and applications for both natural and synthetic grass.

Our customers have selected us as one of the region's top contractors over the years and our team of professionals will help guide our customers to the right application with the today's best products for the greatest results.

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