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Installation of Synthetic Turf

As the evolution of synthetic turf continues to change, the process for installation must follow suit. There are a number of techniques used in order to install synthetic turf for athletic fields and the most basic is to glue the seams, lines and logos by a method of seam tape and adhesive. Carpeting back in the old days would be sewn at the seams and as time changed and new techniques evolved, a carpet seam by moving an iron across a tape to melt the adhesive, has become the norm for carpet installation. This type of application is similar to how basic installations are processed. Now with the newer generations of synthetic turf, it is important for proper water flow to drain vertically through the synthetic turf at the seams without compromising the strength and integrity of the synthetic turf.

The turf industry calls this "State of the Art" sewing technologies. These large scale, mobile sewing machines are designed to stitch synthetic turf seams together with strong thread which is now made to withstand weathering and mildew. These sewing machines are also designed to cut the time of installation in half thus allowing fast paced projects to be completed in time and within budget for the duration of the manufacturer's warranty.

The other machine used to install seams, inlaid lines, letters and logos is also part of the "State of the Art" gluing technology. This machine applies hot adhesive to the backing of the synthetic turf, which has been shaved of all fibers, prior to joining the seams. Excellent for outdoor installations as it acts similar to how a roof is installed by using a hot mix application.

Our team of professionals assembled for any synthetic turf application will verify all dimensions, levelness, planarity and drainage to be properly functioning prior to the installation of synthetic turf. Once we have agreed with the hired professionals and consultants of the owner as well as the turf manufacturer's written recommendations, then the installation of synthetic turf will be underway by using our certified turf technicians with our "State of the Art" machines.
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