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Turf and Grass Aeration

The Fredco Group, LLC handles all aspects of turf aeration using coring, solid and deep tines on state of the art Toro aerators. Our fleet of John Deere sweepers pulled by John Deere Pro Gators make fairway cleanup quick and easy. We also have fairway topdressors of all sizes making taking care the widest fairway’s in a few passes.

We service North Caldwell, Essex Fells, Roseland, Livingston, Upper Montclair, Cedar Grove and neighboring cities in New Jersey.

Benefits of Core Aeration

The benefits to CORE AERATION include relieving surface compaction, improving water infiltration and reduces thatch.

core aerationThis technique involves “pulling cores" of soil &turf out of the lawn and laying them on the surface of the lawn. The resulting holes can be left alone to fill back in over time(usually very quickly), or they can be filled with amendments such as compost, sand, fertilizer, stone dust, gypsum or whatever is called for in the soil test. You should aerate prior to overseeding or top-dressing of any material if possible.

+ Relieve Surface Compaction
+ Improve Water Infiltration
+ Improve Turf Quality
+ Improve Oxygen Availability
+ Aids in Thatch Reduction
+ Promotes Healthy Root Growth in Times of Stress and Drought

Benefits of Deep Tine Aeration

The benefits to DEEP TINE AERATION include decompacting hard soil, promoting deeper root, releasing nutrients locked deep in the soil and breaking up soil layers.

deep tine aerationDeep Tine Aerators are specifically designed to penetrate deep into the soil to maximize water percolation, root growth, and air flow to the root system. Foot traffic on sports fields results in heavily compacted soils requiring a higher level of maintenance. Plant roots require oxygen to thrive and grow. With deep tine aerification , you minimize water, fertilizer and chemical use by reducing surface water run-off. Along with healthier turfgrass another benefit with deep tine aerification is reducing surface compaction.

+ DeCompact Hard Soils
+ Shatter Soil Layering Problems
+ Promotes Deep Rooting
+ Dryout Wet Soils
+ Release Nutrients Locked Deep in the Soils

Benefits of Top Dressing

The benefits to TOPDRESSING is it enhances the soil structure while improving small surface irregularities for a smoother putting surface all while will improving the turf's vigor.

Top DressingTop-Dressing providing a true putting surface & controlling the thatch are important for all greens because a trend currently exists for faster putting surfaces. Following aeration or overseeding, a top-dressing is applied to quicken healing or growth, as the case may be. The top-dressing consists ofsand and fertilizer along with soil for aerified greens or seed for overseeded greens.

+ Improve Turf Vigor
+ Smoothing of Putting Surface
+ Adjusts Organic Matter
+ Improve Surface Irregularities
+ Enhance Soil Structure
+ Aids in Thatch
+ ReductionIncrease Microbial Activity

All of these seasonal turf maintenance services will give you healthier and better quality turf.


Member of Golf Course
Superintendents Association of NJ
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